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We are working on a new kitchen display for the showroom and it really is screaming for a decorative slab backsplash, don’t you think?  I think marble, in any state, is a natural work of art.  Add curves and a snazzy faucet and you get Drop. Dead. Gorgeous.

We aren’t quite there yet.  Still need the curvy splash.


kent kitchen works blogYes, that is an integrated sink.

Fabulous.  I know.


kent kitchen works blog

{Click the drawings to expand.}


I’ve been gathering ideas for possible shapes from Pinterest and just about every blog I have bookmarked.  Here are some of my favorites…

marble slab backsplash | kent kitchen works blogI love how the slab mirrors the lines of the hood and then continues to be stunning all the way down.  We don’t have a hood so this is out of the question, but it caught my eye and I wanted to share.   I do wish they’d skipped the tile and used the slab throughout.  The bowed front sink and cabinet are pretty wonderful, though.


parisian marble sink & backsplash | kent kitchen worksThis sink and backsplash are in a home just outside of Paris.  How appropriate.  This happens to be the same faucet I have drawn in.  More on that later.


soapstone slab backsplash via cotedetexas | kent kitchen works blogI’d stretch out the high arch part for this one and leave just a few inches of the lower backsplash.  Simple yet effective.


These next few aren’t stone, but the lines are worth considering…

cottage kitchen with wood backsplash by colette van den thillart | kent kitchen works (more…)

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Stainless steel isn’t technically a precious metal.

stainless steel kitchen via elle decor.

steel kitchen by antonio citterio | kent kitchen works blog.

mixed metal kitchen designed by nate berkus | kent kitchen works blog.

Then again, neither is brass..

gold chandelier from urban outfitters.

copper kitchen .

large kitchen with brass and black details.

…or copper…

Kitchen by Madeline Stuart with copper hood.

copper kitchen.

…or nickel, for that matter.

Nickel soaker bath tub.

That doesn’t keep me from lusting over it, though.


hammered metal kitchen cabinetry


“Precious” or not, I LOVE those metals!


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So, I lied to you last week.

 This sale is WAY better than just Up To 50% off.  We have really gorgeous/expensive merchandise marked OVER 75% off!!

We realized just a little too late that we should have had a Private Preview Sale for interior design professionals, but since we didn’t think of it EVERYONE gets to benefit.  Get here just as fast as you can, because I have to tell you this stuff is so totally affordable I can’t stand it.


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EVERYTHING is on sale.  If you want to just revive or completely renovate your kitchen or bath this is the time to do it!  Want to re-decorate your living room or bedroom?  Come in to the showroom and we will set you up!


50% off In-Stock Plumbing, Tapestries, Lamps, Fabric

Up to 25% off of Cabinetry & Plumbing

30% off In-Stock Home Accessories

Up to 20% off Hardware, Soft Goods, Fabrics, Wall Coverings, & Tile

20% off Interior Design Services


 Call to schedule an appointment or just stop in.


6 Kent Green Boulevard

Kent, CT 06757

See you soon!

– A.

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Dachshund with a pink rose and a ribbon around his neck.

The latest issue of House of Fifty’s online magazine has an article that grabbed my attention.  It’s about the way we adapt our homes and decor to make pet-friendly homes that cater to and work with – not against – our four-legged family members.

The article was written by Kim Myles – remember her?  She won HGTV’s Design Star and has her own show on the network called Myles of Style.


cat on a bed


Keeping your Grandmother’s stemware displayed high and away from happy wagging tails is a pretty obvious adjustment, but one thing that I find challenging to deal with is all of the hair.  I know I’m not alone here and it really is a losing battle, but Kim had a wonderfully simple idea.  She upholstered (but you could slipcover) the sofa in a low nap linen which makes vacuuming up hair a two minute job.  Linen can stand up to the abuse – thank goodness – because I need to do this every day.


 French Bulldog named Petit Louis perched on a chair.

Hardwood or tile floors are a low-maintenance option and Kim says her Roomba was a great investment.  I have carpet and am forever grateful for my Pet-Approved Hoover upright.

Drapes are another thing.  Somewhere I saw a suggestion for making them in two parts.  The top portion remains unchanged, but the bottom portion could be removed with hidden snaps or buttons to be thrown into the wash (or dry cleaner bag) at a moments notice.  And how easy they would be to colorblock…

color blocked drapes.

Once I read House of Fifty’s article, I realized that I had already started collecting ideas for people with four-legged children.  Neighbors of mine were seriously considering incorporating a doggy bed into their island just like this one…



And disappearing dog bowls are a an amazing idea for pups with a definite dinner hour.  All of the dogs I’ve ever had could nibble at will, which means their buffet must be kept presentable at all times – kind of a pain.  Stylish though since they have a framed black and white silhouette of a Scottie to admire between bites.



I never thought I’d use the words “cat box” on this blog, but cabinetry built to hide one is so brilliant I can’t stand it.   A litter box hidey-hole!  If ever you need one of these, come on over to Kent Kitchen Works – I’ll set you up.  Deep turquoise paint optional.


hidden litter box in the cabinet.

Space for dog beds and crates with storage nearby is genius for a mud-room, don’t you think?

built in dog beds and crates.

And, wait!!  There’s one more.  I WILL have this in a home/garage of mine someday…

dog shower… probably just in time for my Great Dane.  Brilliant!!


Sailor schnauzer

Do you have any brilliant ideas for a pet-friendly home?  I’d really like to hear them!

Really.  I really would!!

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