Headlong into Fall

I don’t know about where you are, but Connecticut has rushed headlong into fall.  I woke up on Monday and the drive was covered in leaves.  It smelled like fall and I needed real shoes and another layer of clothing.  Immediately I thought, “Ok, its time to re-decorate!”  The grocery must have been studying their almanac because they set up a table of those tiny pumpkins and clusters of dried cornstalks at just the right time.

Autumn is the time of year that I don’t remember that I love until its here again.  I dislike that it is the end of warm and wonderful summer, but then again, it is something of a relief to turn off the AC and snuggle under the covers with the windows open at night.  Plus, it is so beautiful.  Vibrant, saturated ruby and mustard colored leaves are shockingly surreal.  (They were just green!!!)  

Of course, the weather will break for at least another week and we will again be in summer, but it will be short lived and Autumn will fully encompass us all.   It isn’t too far now.  Are you ready?


 It is nearly time for apple orchards and decorative gourds and Hot Toddies.

fall apples and a bird.

Falling leaves and rosy cheeks,  football and tailgating.


young black dog with a leaf in its mouth.

Flannel blankets and plaid shirts, thermoses and apple pie.


autumn picnic.

Sweaters and scarves and boots and wool socks.


sweater weather.

Earth tones and natural wonders.


Kent, Connecticut in the Fall, by Randy O'Rourke.

I’m ready, if a little sad to see this summer go.  Maybe an extra Hot Toddy to push this bittersweet feeling away.

Yes.  That’s exactly what I need.


My Favorite Hot Toddy:

1 good sized mug

1-1/2 oz. Jameson

1 bag of Lipton black tea

Top with hot water

2-3 lemon slices

honey to taste

Sip for about 10 minutes then feel the warmth that reaches all the way to your toes.



Society Social

Just a month after I post a mass appeal for an at-home cocktail hour resurgence, I find this website dedicated to bringing the bar cart back.  Society Social appears to be THE lifestyle company for happy hour.  They sell everything you could possibly need for a fabulous private soiree including bar carts…

Tipple Trolley Bar CartThe Tipple Trolley

(this style is available in 11 colors and silver and gold metal finishes)


…outdoor & indoor furniture…

The Cocktail Party table and chairs

The Cocktail Party table  &  chairs

(available in 13 colors)


…vintage bar accouterments…

Vintage Cane Highball Set

Cane Highball Set

(only $65, thank you very much!)


…irreverent happy hour attire…

Society Social Signature Hostess Gown in Yellow the Society Social Signature Hostess Gown


… & even the requisite bling!

"On the Rocks" Cocktail Rings from Society Social“On the Rocks” Cocktail Rings

(Made in the USA – love that!)


I am sure you have heard of her, but in case you have not had the opportunity, Mrs. Lilien is the poster girl for imbibing luxuriously.  She has her Cocktail Swatchbook, which far exceeds Old Mr. Boston’s version, and now she has released a bar cart of her own…

The Mrs. Lilien Bar Cartappropriately named The Mrs. Lilien and being sold by Society Social.


I have a deep urge to re-outfit my own bar cart with a number of things from this wonderful little company – that set of Cane Highballs to start – but today I just don’t have the time.  However, it is safe to say that everything here…

The Sedgewick from Society Socialwould look just fine in my humble little home.


What do you think of the caftans?  Could you slip into one of those the next time you play Hostess?

I am undecided.


Visit Society Social to peruse all of their classy cocktail merchandise, then come back here and tell me what you purchase.  I am very curious!





Precious Metals

Stainless steel isn’t technically a precious metal.

stainless steel kitchen via elle decor.

steel kitchen by antonio citterio | kent kitchen works blog.

mixed metal kitchen designed by nate berkus | kent kitchen works blog.

Then again, neither is brass..

gold chandelier from urban outfitters.

copper kitchen .

large kitchen with brass and black details.

…or copper…

Kitchen by Madeline Stuart with copper hood.

copper kitchen.

…or nickel, for that matter.

Nickel soaker bath tub.

That doesn’t keep me from lusting over it, though.


hammered metal kitchen cabinetry


“Precious” or not, I LOVE those metals!


Our new home page …

Kent Kitchen Works Website Re-Launch.

What do you think??


I think its pretty.

But I would think that its pretty.  I designed it.



We’ll have the official re-launch in the first half of September.  Keep a look out over the next few weeks for the announcement.


Happy Hour

Are you a happy hour reveler who pays no heed to location or hour?  A home bar is required for the enthusiastic seeker of liquid merriment & here is inspiration for your own…

.Mobile Bar.

Bar carts – charmingly functional pieces of patio adornment.


bar trolley.

feminine and elegant bar.

Marble Top Bar.

Butcher Block Bar.

Vintage geometric highball glasses, bar setupI would gladly take this charming home bar set-up as my own.


My Mixed Metal Home Bar Picks:

Gold Leaf Bar Cart from Zinc DoorThe Bar Cart

(also available in Nickel)


Red Fleur De Lis CoastersThe Coasters

Sterling Liquor Tag

The Liquor Label


Vintage Stella Artois Pint GlassesThe Pint Glass


vintage metalyte rocks glassesThe Rocks Glass


gold scaled highball glassesThe High Ball Glass


Platinum Band Martini Glasses from Williams Sonoma

The Cocktail Glass


stemless champagne flutes The Champagne Flute


Hotel Rose Champagne Bucket

The Champagne Bucket


Gold Bottle Opener

The Bottle Opener


metals straws in a wood block

The Cocktail Straw/Stir


gold Japanese style jiggersThe Jigger


Mrs. Lilien's Cocktail Swatchbook via MetropolisMag.com
The Mrs. Lilien Cocktail Swatchbook


And a recipe of my own:

The Blueberry Screwdriver – 1 Part Blueberry Vodka to 2 Parts Orange Juice.



This is fun & I could go on forever, but I think it may be time for a cocktail.

Enjoy your Happy Hour!

– A.