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We are working on a new kitchen display for the showroom and it really is screaming for a decorative slab backsplash, don’t you think?  I think marble, in any state, is a natural work of art.  Add curves and a snazzy faucet and you get Drop. Dead. Gorgeous.

We aren’t quite there yet.  Still need the curvy splash.


kent kitchen works blogYes, that is an integrated sink.

Fabulous.  I know.


kent kitchen works blog

{Click the drawings to expand.}


I’ve been gathering ideas for possible shapes from Pinterest and just about every blog I have bookmarked.  Here are some of my favorites…

marble slab backsplash | kent kitchen works blogI love how the slab mirrors the lines of the hood and then continues to be stunning all the way down.  We don’t have a hood so this is out of the question, but it caught my eye and I wanted to share.   I do wish they’d skipped the tile and used the slab throughout.  The bowed front sink and cabinet are pretty wonderful, though.


parisian marble sink & backsplash | kent kitchen worksThis sink and backsplash are in a home just outside of Paris.  How appropriate.  This happens to be the same faucet I have drawn in.  More on that later.


soapstone slab backsplash via cotedetexas | kent kitchen works blogI’d stretch out the high arch part for this one and leave just a few inches of the lower backsplash.  Simple yet effective.


These next few aren’t stone, but the lines are worth considering…

cottage kitchen with wood backsplash by colette van den thillart | kent kitchen works (more…)

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